Join us this month, Wednesday July 30th 7pm, for our beer dinner featuring Fort Collins Brewery Odell Brewing Co.

For just $60pp (plus tax) you will enjoy 5 courses paired with 5 beers.

1st Course: 63º egg, parsley, roasted onion vinaigrette, grapefruit crème. Paired with Focollaboration American Pale Ale (w/New Belgium).

2nd Course: Panzanella w/ minted cantaloupe vinaigrette, arugula, salt cured fruit. Paired with IPA.

3rd Course: Mussels, compressed potato, black truffle, butter, Myer lemon. Paired with Double Pilsner.

4th Course: Venison chop, blueberry demi-glace, carrot confit. Paired with Myrcenary Double IPA.

5th Course: Compressed apple parfait w/ cinnamon puffs, apple yogurt, & bourbon cream. Paired with Loose Leaf American Session Ale.

Reservations are required and can be made on 214-824-7900 or with our friendly staff on your next visit.



Join us for a very special vegan barbeque picnic! Wednesday June 25th at 7pm.

1st Course: Savory Tartlets with mushrooms, tomato, pine nuts. Paired with Community Beer Company Crystal-hopped Public Ale firkin.

Course: Watermelon Ancho Gazpacho. Paired with Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado SummerBright Ale.

Course: Modern Nicoise with various beans, radishes, okra. Paired with Humboldt Brewing Company Nectar Hemp Brown Ale.

Course: Mock Riblets with jalapeno cornbread. Paired with Summit Brewing Company Saga IPA.

Course: Strawberry balsamic ice cream with black pepper chocolate short bread. Paired with Leprechaun Cider Company Strawberry.

Tickets are $55 per person and reservations are required. Give us a call or ask your server on your next visit how to sign up. We hope to see all of you there!



Join us for an exploration of the best Utah brewers and distillers. This months beer dinner will be held on the last TUESDAY of the month, May 27th at 7pm.

1st Course: Kobe Beef Tartare and 60-year-old Aged Prosciutto. Paired with Aged and Un-aged High West Whiskey duo

2nd Course: Petite Lemon Soup and Preserved Citrus. Paired with Wasatch Ghostrider White IPA with Lemongrass Randall

3rd Course: Stave Smoked Clams vs. Wood Fire Oysters. Paired with Uinta Labyrinth and High West Rendezvous Rye

4th Course: Stout Sous Vide Lamb Shank and wild foraged Mushrooms. Paired with Squatters Outer Darkness

5th Course: Trio of Almond French Toast, Orange Gelee, Buttercream Croissant. Sequentially paired High West Son of Bourye deconstruction.

Tickets are $60 per person. Reservations required and can be made on 214-824-7900 or with one of our friendly staff. We hope you can make it!