The next beer dinner at The Libertine Bar will be on May 26th at 7 pm.
We will be featuring beers from Shiner and Bridgeport Brewing.
Check out the menu! Reservations required.
1st course: Roasted mushroom caps stuffed with deviled crab & dill ranch paired with Bridgeport IPA.
2nd course: Tarragon duck soup with roasted almonds paired with Bridgeport Hop Czar.
3rd course: Chopped tuna salad with hearts of palm & artichoke paired with Shiner Bock.
4th course: Slow cooked Shiner brisket with rustic rosemary mashers and fried broccoli paired with Shiner Smokehouse.
5th course: Hazelnut S'mores with house made mint-blackberry gelato paired with Shiner 101.

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