This month we will be featuring the beers from Diageo. Coined from the Latin word for "day" and the Greek word for " world", meaning that every day people celebrate with the brands from this great and diverse company. We will have five courses paired with five beers from Diageo's profile, for the low price of $50 per person. The fun starts at 7PM, and it's always a hoot! Here's this month's menu:

1st Course: Slow cooked cabbage rolls & oven frien oysters w/ tomato cream. Paired with Guinness Stout

2nd Course: Salmon chowder & Irish soda bread. Paired with Kilkenny

3rd Course: Deconstructed green salad with horseradish dressing & beer poached carrots. Paired with Smithwick's

4th Course: Braised pork chop & mustard dressing with Reuben baked potato. Paired with Harp Lager

5th Course: Whiskey cheesecake with poached pears granola & almond rock candy. Paired with Guinness Extra Stout

Hope to see you here!!!

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